Mr Wolf Pancakes…… now Penshaw Nursery Pancakes!

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. The children have a took a big interest in Mr Wolfs Pancakes so  we decided that as a class we would make our very own Pancakes. First of all, we needed to keep our hands clean to keep the germs away.


We then helped Miss Clark and Mrs Fryatt mix the ingredients together. 

Once the pancake mix was all ready – we got to taste them with our favourite topping. The children made a tally chart of what topping they would like in their key groups.

The Children loved this part of the day…tasting their Pancakes….Yum Yum!!IMG_6920[1]



Nursery Express….Wheels on the Bus!

This week in Nursery we have been learning about Wheels on the Bus! We have been very busy making our very own ‘Nursery Express No 1′ bus’. The children have designed and created it as they wanted. Throughout the week the children will be making bus tickets, making their own buses using play dough and many more exciting things!

Our new friends in Nursery have really enjoyed exploring all areas of the setting and getting to know their new friends.

We have received some amazing homework projects….keep them coming!